zondag 18 januari 2015

Shopping at IKEA

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went to Ikea and of course, you buy something you actually don't need (haha!) It was such a long time ago I went there! 

But I finally had a reason to go there because I wanted this laptop support. I really like it, now I can just sit in the couch on my laptop :). And the colors are so pretty and colorful.

But this was not the only reason I went there. It was actually because I wanted this wall shelf. My desk is a little bit too small to work on it, and to put on my laptop and printer. So I bought it to hang next to my desk on the same height of my desk, that I can put my printer and laptop on it. 

And these are the things I actually didn't need but also bought:

I bought some new clothes hangers, before I only had a lot of different hangers that were crooked. So this is much more tidy. 

And to end I bought some new fabric. I actually didn't knew they sold it there, but when I passed, I immediately saw some great fabrics with a nice print. I can never choose which fabric I'm going to buy (I hope I'm not the only one haha!), but I finally chose to buy the striped and red fabric, because I was looking for a long time to striped fabric to make a bag, and I finally found it. And I'm going to use the red fabric for the inside of the bag, because it is a little bit thinner. I was so happy with this fabric, and I'm definitely going to buy more fabric in Ikea, it's such a good quality for such a good price. So I have another reason to go more to Ikea :).

What have you already bought in Ikea? 

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