vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Carnival: cat ears DIY

Hi everyone!

Today was carnivalentine! (= carnival + valentine, haha :) Actually carnival is something a lot of children celebrate, but my school does it too. And it is tomorrow valentine, every year at school we can write a letter to a friend or someone you love, and than they give it anonymous to that person. And I write a few small letters to a few really good friends of me.

As I already said it was carnival, and we had to dress ourselves. I didn't want to wear a whole costume, so I just dressed me as a cat: I had a tail, whiskers and cat ears, I've made by myself.
When I finished my ears, I've also made some for my mum =D. It were all materials I already had so it is really easy to make.

Let's start with the DIY!

You need for the first ears: a diadem, small pearls and thin iron wire.

You just have to wrap the wire around the diadem, and put on the place where you want a lot of pearls on the wire and form it in a cat ear, go further and make the second ear. And, if you want, you can go back with the wire and make the smaller cat ears. Done!

For the second ears you need: a diadem, felt in two colors, sewing thread and a needle.

You just have to cut out the form of a cat ear out the felt. Sew the cat ear felt around the diadem. And you can make a smaller triangle and glue or sew it on the ears. Done!

I hope you liked it! And what have you wore with carnival?

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