dinsdag 3 februari 2015

"Pylones" ring + "Achter de maan" box

Hi everyone!

I'm going to show some late New Years presents I got.

The first thing is a box from the shop "Achter de maan", it's is actually just a box where you can store everything, but it just looks so nice and cute. From now on, I will prefer to put this box on my closet instead of all the rubbish (haha!)

And I got this ring from the brand "Pylones" and it comes also from "Achter de maan". I had already seen him in the shop, but hadn't bought it, so I finally got this ring. It's a ring with small pearls in it, it's actually really simple, but I really love him. It just looks so festive, cute and cool.

Now you're all probably thinking where is this shop, it's in Antwerp and in Gent in Belgium. Most of their brands could you probably find also in other shops in other countries. But I really love this shop, everything is there just so cute! The whole shop is filled with all this kind of stuff :D.

I know, maybe it's time to stop writing about this cool shop, but I just wanted to tell you if you ever come in Antwerp, you has to go to this shop.

I hope you liked it and let me know what you think!

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