donderdag 19 februari 2015

Washi tape DIY's

Hi everyone!

I'm really in love with washi tape! For the people who don't know it: it is actually just paper tape which you have in so many different colors, patterns, designs, ... And it is just such a fun and easy way to decorate things. It is just so addictive to buy, I already have 10 rolls (haha oeps!) And another advantage is that it is really easy to remove, you can just take it off.

Here are some small DIY's I made. I actually just decorated some stuff, but you can do everything with it.

It is really the easiest way to decorate a notebook, something I already have done a lot with my books. It also looks nice to do on your schoolbooks to cheer up your day a little bit. And I made this little thing to my notebook to put a pen in.

And I also have decorated my note holders, this is much more fun than a boring blue note holder.

I hope you liked it and what have you already decorated with washi tape?

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