zaterdag 21 maart 2015

A day in Gent!

Hi everyone!

I went today to Gent (a beautiful city in Belgium haha!) It was actually just a few hours that I was really there. And I'm going to show you a few pictures I took when I was there. And sorry for the bad photos, because they are taken with my iPod which isn't the best quality ever. And a selfie couldn't be missed of course :).

I've seen the city hall of Gent, which is build by Robbrecht en daem. The first thing that I saw was that it is so big!

Then we shopped a little bit. I went to the shop 'Achter de maan' and bought a few things which I will show you in one of my next posts. I can already tell you that I'm so happy when I bought this :D.

And then I went to Hema and bought also a few things, which I wil maybe show you also in a next post.

And before we went home we ate something in Moochie Frozen Yoghurt.I really love this! It is an ice cream shop where you can eat frozen yoghurt, it tastes like ice cream but it's made from yoghurt which is healthier and I think it's more delicious. And you can also choose what you want as topping, I've picked Oreo cookies hihi!

So this was my day in Gent! I hope you liked this post! And have you ever been to Gent?

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  1. that's adorable they gave you Easter eggs ! :O