maandag 23 maart 2015

Shopping in 'Achter de maan': deer head, boxes and notebook

Hi everyone!

Like I have already told you, I went shopping in Gent a few days ago and now I'm going to show you what I've bought in the shop 'Achter de maan'. I've already bought a few weeks ago this ring from Pylones and a box in this shop, but now I bought also a few other things.

First of all, I've bought this cute little deer head and it is actually a coat hanger. I thought it was so cute! I'm going to hang it on the door of my bedroom, most of the time there would probably not hang something on but it just looks so beautiful! They have it in different colors, but because I already have a lot of colors in my room I've chosen the black one. I'm just so happy that I bought this :D.

The second thing I really wanted to buy was this little notebook with a fox on the front. For the rest it is just a simple lined notebook, but I just couldn't buy not this cute little fox.

And to end, I've bought this cute boxes. It are actually three boxes that all fit in each other. It is really handy to put something in and when you don't use them it is smaller to store away.

I'm just so happy with all these things I bought, and I just can't stop talking about how much I love this shop.

And please let me know what you think :)

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