donderdag 16 april 2015

Confetti choc cookies: mix recipe

Hi everyone!

I just came back from a week at the Belgian Coast (I will show you some pictures in 2 days :) and I've worked their a few days, so I'm ready to go shopping :). And I've already told you past weekend that I wanted to bake some cookies, so past week I've finally found some time to bake them and they were delicious. I'm not an expert in baking cookies, because somehow it just don't want to taste delicious.

But now it worked out really well. I've used this time a mix that I've bought in Hema to bake confetti choc cookies. It was really easy to make. you just need to add 100g of butter and 1 egg yolk. So i made the dough and it was a little bit too crumbling to make the cookies, but after trying a little bit I could make some round cookies.

I'm really in love with these cookies and I'm just so happy that they worked out really well. I'm definitely going to try to found a good recipe and maybe changing it a little bit will help to make it more delicious. (I've finally found some hope to bake cookies again, because I almost give it up after all my tryouts, haha!)

I hope you liked it! And if you have a good recipe for baking cookies, I love to hear it!

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