donderdag 2 april 2015

March favorites

Hi Everyone!

It is already the second of april, but today I'm going o show you my favorites of March. Most of the things have I already post on my blog so you can always look at the whole blogpost about it with the link.

The first thing is definitely my new camera Ive bought this month. All my blogposts after I've bought it were taken with this camera, and I'm just so happy that I've chosen this one! I also really love the brown leather look and the brown leather case which I bought too. I'm just so happy with this purchase.

Secondly, the paper origami stars I've made. They are just so tiny and cute and I'm planning to do another DIY with these stars, so hopefully I will show you it in a few days when I have time to make this DIY.

Then the next thing is my post about all the books I still have to read. I really loved it to write this blogpost, just because I love reading. This weekend my holiday finally start, it is only 2 weeks :(, but I will have more time to read some books :).

As last are all the other things I've bought this month. I've bought a a few things in the dutch shop 'Achter de maan'. I'm still in love with this deer head that I still have to hang up (haha!), And I've bought here also 3 boxes in 1 and a cute little notebook with a fox on the cover. Then I've bought in Hema also a pink notebook. In Hema I've bought also a lip balm with raspberry flavor, it smells nice, it is really good stuff for my dry lips and the package just looks so beautiful. The cookie mix I bought will you probably see again on my blog in a few days. And the last thing I've bought are 3 notebooks in a cute little shop from the brand Pip Studio.

I hope you liked! And what where your favorites of March?

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