zaterdag 4 april 2015

New shoes for spring!

Hi everyone!

So today I went to a few shops (haha again :D) It seems like I have already shopped a lot the past few weeks. But today I have bought some new shoes. It are ankle boots and they look a little bit like my ankle boots from the winter (oops!)

I just love these ankle boots because they are super comfy! These boots just fits the best for my feet. And I've bought almost the same ones just because I can't find some other shoes (haha! Hopefully i'm not the only one who does this :)

These are also brown, but a little bit lighter. I think they are perfect to wear with a light summer dress, but when you still want to wear comfy shoes. With my feet I just can't wear low sneakers or ballerinas so this is the most comfy shoe for me that I could find.

I just love these shoes, I can't find something negative about it.

I hope you liked it! And I love to hear what you think of them!

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